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Ask Dr. K - Safety tips for your pet

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Its September and, the temperatures are climbing into the 90s, and your pet has gotten out of the yard and is loose in the neighborhood. What are your main fears?

  • Heat stroke, theres no access to water

  • Dog fight , bite wounds or worse

  • Being hit by a car

  • Getting lost and we cant find him

  • Eating something weight and needing surgery to remove a foreign body

Does your pet have a microchip? Thats the first thing you need to prevent problems if your pet gets lost.
Once youre found your wayward child, make sure he cools down with some water, but not too cold and not too much at one time.

Then make an appointment with your vet to check him out for wounds or a pain in his belly that might indicate hes eating the wrong stuff. Weve done hundreds of Exploratories in our many years of practice: golf balls, underwear, pantyhose, corn cobs, towels, needles,legos, pacifiers and string are just a few of the items weve removed. One client poured gravy on the driveway and by the time their dog ate the gravy mixed with the gravel, surgery was ncessary to empty out the stomach and intestines. What a mess that was.

Prevention is much easier by keeping toys and other objects picked up in the yard and around the house.article content.