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Welcome, Lincoln Memorial Students!


Jefferson Animal Hospitals has been proud to offer clinical rotations to the Senior Students of Lincoln Memorial Veterinary School (LMU), located in Hallogate, TN.  This has been an opportunity for us to mentor and teach these senior vet students before they start their careers as licensed veterinarians. The mission of LMU is to prepare veterinarians who are committed to serving the health and wellness needs of people, animals and the environment within the Appalachian region with an emphasis on the One Health Approach.   These students have focused on comprehensive veterinary health care in companion animals, equine health, Beef and Swine production animal health and public health biomedical sciences. They have embraced compassionate veterinary care valuing diversity, public service and leadership as a commitment to the highest ethical standards


Becoming a veterinarian is a very difficult process for any student.  They are required to have 3-4 years of pre-veterinary curriculum (physics, chemistry, calculus, etc) and then the students apply to a Veterinary School for 4 years of very intense study.  After 3 years of Anatomy, Pharmacology, Physiology, Radiology, Internal Medicine, Pathology, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Surgery, Orthopedics, Behavior, and Communication Skills, they are ready to actually be in the “real world” of examinations and speaking with pet owners.  We are two Core Hospitals for these students for their required rotations in Emergency Medicine and Wellness.



Because Jefferson Animal Hospital is Open 24 hours, our students have been exposed to a wide-ranging number of emergency cases and surgery:  trauma, bite wounds, exploratories, cesarean-sections, splenectomies, diabetic crisis, Parvo Virus, etc. All the types of emergencies you would expect to see at a human emergency room come through our doors.  And we perform Wellness Exams (for vaccinations, spay, neuter, dental care) at both our locations. Their 4 years of medical curriculum is based on the philosophy of “clinical immersion” that recognizes medical knowledge must be developed side-by-side with clinical skills.

      We have been very impressed with these young people as we have worked with them over the past year.   They are all very smart, compassionate and are going to be the type of veterinarians that we need to continue to improve our wonderful profession.  We wish them all the best as they go out in the world of modern veterinary medicine.


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