Dr. Kasie Sears

I am from the small but growing town of Greenwood, South Carolina.

I got my license from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine located on a beautiful Caribbean island, Saint Kitts, which I now call my second home. From there I went to Louisiana State University, where I completed my clinical year and met the love of my life. We currently reside in Lexington, Kentucky.

We have 4 fur children –

Kiana, 14 year old Labrador and my emotional support animal that has traveled all over the world with me! Walker, 9 year old Labrador that is the most calm and gentle giant. Layla, 14 year old Shih Tzu who is the queen of the house, and absolutely runs the show. Willeit, 15 week old Pitbull mix/rescue from the Lexington Pit Crew that is the perfect amount of genius chaos that our pack needed.

My veterinary interests include fear free medical practices and pain management. I have a passion for surgery and alternative/integrative therapies.

My hobbies outside of veterinary medicine include anything and everything outdoors. I am actively progressing my green thumb capabilities through gardening, and strive to create a more sustainable way to provide for my fiancé and I. Cooking using healthier alternatives to gluten and dairy brings me massive joy.

I do call myself a yogi, but I also love to run and lift weights. Outside of the veterinary profession I have a passion for helping others become healthier versions of themselves. I like to think of myself as a health and wellness advocate for medical professionals, and own my own health and wellness business.