Regional Emergency
& Trauma Center

4504 Outer Loop,
Louisville, KY 40219

(502) 966-4104

Fern Creek
Medical Center

6902 Bardstown Rd,
Louisville, KY 40291

(502) 499-6535

Regional Emergency & Trauma Center

Fern Creek Medical Center

Emergency & Trauma Center Update: We are open and operating curbside. We are currently experiencing increased critical case volume, please call ahead for an estimated wait time. Cases are being treated by priority based on level of emergency. If your pet is not experiencing an immediately life-threatening emergency, please schedule an appointment.


Our Emergency Hospital has been established in Louisville Kentucky’s Outer Loop, in Okolona, since 1978 and has been operating 24 HOURS A DAY, 365 DAYS A YEAR including ALL HOLIDAYS.  We continue to be a national leader in veterinary medical treatment and emergency trauma care.


We are advocates of wellness health care and good diagnostic care throughout your pet’s lifetime. We schedule enough time during your pet’s appointment for you to bring any questions or concerns you have; we know how important it is to have peace of mind about your pet’s health!