Oxygen ICU

Intensive Care Unit and Oxygen Cage

Jefferson Animal Hospital has a unique hospitalization area with Intensive Care Oxygen Units for your pet.  Pets with severe injuries or serious, life threatening illnesses are prime examples of animals needing the services of a veterinary intensive care unit.

Post-surgical recovery is one of the more common reasons for a pet being placed in an intensive care unit.  Following surgery while your pet is still under anesthesia, we continue to monitor his or her vital functions as the effects of the anesthesia subside. 

Pets with serious injuries or older, senior pets may also require the constant care provided in an intensive care unit until a condition is stabilized.

Many pets require oxygen therapy during hospitalization.  Our ICU oxygen cages are large enough to house the largest pets or can be partitioned to house smaller patients.   Our 24 hour monitoring by licensed technicians provides your pet with the very best veterinary care available.