3 Ingredient DIY Cat Treats

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3 Ingredient DIY Cat Treats

by Tabitha Mead

Being the good cat-parent that you are, you might like to be able to spice up your cat’s life and offer them some treats from time to time. However, store-bought treats often have more than twenty ingredients and your cat may not even take a second sniff at them. 

They’re are notorious for being picky eaters, but anyone who’s watched Saturday morning cartoons knows cats are also known for loving fish. So, after some research, we put together a simple 3 ingredient recipe your cat is almost guaranteed to love 


Chances are you may already have the ingredients for this recipe. 

Here’s what you need: 

  • 1 12 oz can of tuna
  • 1 egg 
  • 1 cup whole wheat flour 

That’s it! 


Preheat your oven to 350.

Combine all three ingredients into a mixing bowl.

Pro Tip: Put some oil on your hands before you begin mixing to keep the mixture from sticking as much. We learned this the hard way! 

Feel free to change up the recipe. You could use two eggs, less flour, and/or more tuna. It may change the baking time and the texture, but your cat will still get the tuna taste they love! 


Line and grease a cookie sheet, or two…or three. This was our first time making cat treats and the recipe made much more than we were expecting. You could easily half the recipe and still have plenty of treats to give your feline friend for days.  

Keep in mind that these treats are for cats, so keep them small! Once we had moved on to the second and third pans we decided to make some bigger “cat” treats to give to my dog who was waiting so patiently (She was, in fact, not patient.) 


Bake your treats for approximately 20 minutes. Times will differ according to treat size and from oven to oven. 

Feel free to use this recipe for dogs as well! Even though you may not see it portrayed in Saturday morning cartoons, dogs love fish too! As you can see in the photo, we made a few bigger treats for our canine friends at home and at the hospital.

Once they look dry and have browned a bit, they’re ready to come out! Since they’re baked and have lost most of their moisture, the treats can be keep for at least a couple of weeks.

We shared our treats with two blood donor cats currently staying at JAH while they wait to get adopted, Piggy Smalls (orange) and Star (calico). 

Both cats enjoyed the treats, but Piggy lived up to his name and gobbled down as many as we would give him! 

Have fun making the treats! We would love if you shared yours with us on social media!! 



  • 1- 12 oz can of tuna
  • 1 egg 
  • 1 cup whole wheat flour 


  • Preheat oven to 350
  • Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix thoroughly 
  • Grease cookie sheets 
  • Shape mixture into treats and place on cookie sheet
  • Bake for approximately 20 minutes
  • Cool for 10 minutes 
  • Enjoy!