Give the Gift Of Life

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Give the Gift Of Life

If you’re looking to make a difference this holiday season, then look no further than our volunteer pet blood bank, where your pet can become a Blood Donor Hero. Before starting its own blood donation program in 2013, Jefferson Animal Hospital was purchasing blood sometimes from as far away as California. Due to strong demand, it was often difficult to keep enough blood on hand for potentially fatal cases. When Jefferson Animal Hospital started its own pet blood bank, it became the first program of its kind within the entire state of Kentucky. It has since then maintained its title as the only pet blood donation program within the state. 

As a 24/7 emergency center, Jefferson Animal Hospital has seen the demand for blood products increase significantly since its conception. Demand for this resource at times exceeds supply, especially during certain times of the year including holidays, and warm summer months where trauma cases are more likely to be seen. When this happens, hospitals in need are sometimes placed on a waiting list, which can cause delays in treatment for pets in need. Our mission is to provide our patients, and the veterinary community, with blood products obtained and processed with the highest standards for safety and the ethical treatment of our donor pets.

What is a Blood Bank?

A blood bank is a place where blood and blood components such as plasma, packed red blood cells, and platelets are processed and stored. At our blood bank, each whole blood donation is separated into packed red blood cells and plasma. In recent years, we are proud to have been able to establish nationwide credibility as a pet blood bank. Our blood products are used both locally and nationally.

What is the Blood Used For?

Many people do not realize that just like humans, pets are often in need of blood for life-saving treatments. The most common uses for pet blood include transfusions due to trauma, cancer, surgery, and other potentially life threatening scenarios. Pet owners are also often unaware that a single blood donation from their cat or dog can save anywhere from 2-4 lives.

Can My Pet Become a Blood Donor Hero?

Just like humans, cats and dogs have different blood types. Jefferson Animal Hospital provides screening prior to donating to ensure that each pet has the necessary blood type and qualifications to ensure safe transfusions to other pets in need.

Canine Donor Checklist:
  • Must be a minimum of 50 lbs, and a healthy weight.
  • Must be between 1-7 years of age.
  • Must be up-to-date on all vaccinations.
  • Must currently be on flea, tick, and heartworm preventatives. 
  • Must not currently be on any medications.
  • Must be in overall good health with a good temperament.
  • Must be willing to stay in a sitting position or be lightly restrained for up to 15 minutes.
Feline Donor Checklist:
  • Must be a minimum of 10 lbs, and a healthy weight.
  • Must be between 1-7 years of age.
  • Must be up-to-date on all vaccinations.
  • Must currently be on flea and tick preventatives.
  • Must not currently be on any medications.
  • Must be in overall good health with a good temperament.
  • Must live indoors only.
  • Cats require mild sedation for the donation process.

There are many great benefits to being a proud owner of a Blood Donor Hero, besides the great feeling of knowing that you helped to save the life of someone’s pet. Annual benefits include (donors must commit to a minimum of 4 donations per year for 2 years in order to be eligible for benefits):

  • Complimentary wellness services
  • Free rabies and distemper vaccines
  • Fecal and heartworm testing
  • Discounted diagnostic exams

Plus, if you schedule a blood donor screening for your pet in the month of December, 2020 you’ll receive a $50 gift certificate to Jefferson Animal Hospitals.

From traumatic blood loss, to various diseases, blood products can mean the difference between life and death for a pet. We deeply value our canine and feline Blood Donor Heroes for helping to save so many lives each and every day. We are proud to offer our blood donation services to the communities of Kentuckiana, and throughout the nation.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our blood donor family, we would love to speak with you. Please call anytime to speak with one of our trained blood bank technicians at (502) 966-4104. You can also email our blood bank manager at, or visit our website for more information. Once your pet has passed our initial screening criteria, we will schedule a complimentary consultation with a member of our team. We look forward to saving lives with you!