Litterbox Training for Kittens

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Litterbox training your new kitten is really quite simple. Most kittens will start using the litterbox immediately.

Start out by obtaining a good commercial litterbox (with or without a cover), put in about an inch of kitty litter, and show your kitten where it is. There are several types of litter to choose from including, clumping, non-clumping, absorbing dust-free pellets, recycled newspaper and much more. Be aware that your kitten’s nose is much more sensitive than yours, and the strong odor of some litters might offend him/her. It’s important to keep the urine and feces scooped daily so odor doesn’t become a problem.

Some cats will refuse to go in the litter box if it’s too dirty, and may resort to going someplace outside the litter box instead. Some cats also like to urinate in one box and defecate in the other. It’s ideal to have at least two litter boxes PER cat in the household.

Toilet Training

It is possible to train a cat to use a toilet! Start by covering the toilet bowl with saran plastic wrap and put some of the cat’s regular litter on the top. As the cat begins to use it, slowly decrease the amount of litter until you eliminate the litter altogether. Obviously, the cat must be old enough and big enough to straddle the toilet seat for this to work. There are kits available online to assist with this process.

Litterbox Problems

If your cat stops using the litterbox, it is trying to tell you something! We may recommend dropping off a urine or stool sample to be checked for any health problems. If the samples are within normal limits, you may have a behavioral problem. Something may be upsetting your cat! Sometimes a change in cat litter, a new baby, a new pet, a new cat outside your cat’s favorite window, even the plumber are all examples of things that can upset your cat.

If you have any questions about litterbox training, please call us!