Pumpkin Dog Treats

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Pumpkin Dog Treats

Fall is here and we’re embracing it at JAH. You’ve got your beloved PSL, you’ve got your pumpkin patches, your fall scented candles, your sweaters, but wait!! Are you just going to leave your pup out of all of this?! It may not be a PSL, but your furry friend will love these 3 ingredient pumpkin treats.

If you haven’t ever tried making dog treats at home, this is a great recipe to try out! There are actually many treat recipes that are super simple and easier to make than baked goods for humans. The critics aren’t as harsh with these either. 😉 

The Recipe


-1 can plain pumpkin

-½ cup natural peanut butter

-2 cups whole wheat flour

That’s it! That’s all the ingredients you need! 



Preheat your oven to 350.

Combine all three ingredients into a mixing bowl.

Pro Tip: Put some oil on your hands before you begin mixing to keep the mixture from sticking as much. 

Assemble the treats

Hopefully you have multiple cookie sheets because this recipe makes a LOT of dough. 

Flour your surface area, a clean countertop or table is ideal. Roll out your dough with a rolling pin….or whatever cylindrical container you have on hand!  

Once your dough is all rolled out start cutting the “cookies” into shapes! If you don’t have cookie cutters, you can just use a glass to cut the cookies . 

Bake the treats

Place the cookies on a greased cookie sheet and bake for approximately 12 minutes. Be sure to check as you get close! Our’s baked pretty fast! 

Cool and Enjoy!

After they cool, store them in a container…doesn’t necessarily need to be airtight. They’ll keep for about a week if left out, but you can freeze and let your pup enjoy them a couple months from now as well. 

However, Fall is NOW not three months from now. If you have too many “Pup-kin Spice Cookies” for your own furry gang at home, we suggest sharing them with other doggo friends or maybe even taking them to a local animal shelter!! 

Approved by Peach, the official Taste-Taster of the JAH kitchen

If you liked these and you want to try out another recipe, or if you want to make some treats that could work for cat or dog, check out this post we did about 3 ingredient tuna treats! Technically they were made with cats in mind, but hey, dogs like tuna too!