It’s National Puppy Day March 23, 2023

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It’s National Puppy Day March 23, 2023

Today is National Puppy Day! Here are a few tips, items, and ideas to help new dog owners with their puppy.


  1. Establish a vet you want your puppy to go to for the rest of their life. This is important to make sure he/she is getting the proper care and it is affordable for you.
  2. Limit your puppy’s access. This will prevent your puppy from getting into things. As well as being overwhelmed with many new places.
  3. Minimize stress and excitement. 
  4. Choose a potty spot. This will help your puppy know this is the designated spot to eliminate at.
  5. Set up your schedule. A puppy requires a lot of dedication and attention. Establish a routine and schedule.
  6. Train your dog right away.
  7. Puppy proof your home.


  1. Puppy pads
  2. Food and water bowls
  3. Crate
  4. Treats
  5. Puppy chew toys
  6. Leash and collar
  7. Small bed
  8. Tearless shampoo
  9. Gate
  10. Wipes
  11. Dog tag